analog workshops

workshops are small, no more than four people.
often the first saturday of every month aside from the
cyanotype class which is the third saturday monthly.

we also offer private lessons.

email us from the contact page to join a first saturday workshop,
or to set up your own private lesson.

chris cook

chris has been a photographer since the dawn of time. he has years of experience developing his own films and printing in his personal darkroom.

macandré pierre

 macandré is a darkroom printer based in queens, ny. well versed in conventional darkroom and alternative print processes.

sanam javadi

a true darkroom boss.

drew bernard

drew is an artist from the bay area, california with years of experience within multimedia printmaking. some mediums being cyanotype, pen, paint, collage work etc.

film developing 101

in this two hour workshop you'll bring your 1 - 8 roll(s) of b&w or color c41 film & we'll bring everything else. 

you'll learn how to process your film then set it to dry. 

on another day of your choice we'll teach you how to scan your film. it's a very straightforward process and not difficult to learn. 

you'll get to go home with your high quality scans and negatives.


b&w darkroom printing 101

in this workshop you'll bring your developed b&w negatives and we'll bring everything else.

in this 2 hour + workshop, you'll learn how to make a contact sheet and how to print your negative to silver gelatin paper.

you'll walk away with a contact sheet & at least one darkroom print.

perhaps you'll also leave with a new found love for analog photography.


b&w film developing & darkroom printing 101

in this combined 4 hour course we'll teach you how to process your b&w film and we'll teach you how to print in the darkroom from those negatives to silver gelatin paper.

you just need to bring in 1-8 rolls of undeveloped b&w film + a pre developed roll of black and white film & we'll bring everything else. (if you don't have any pre developed film you can process in the first class & come during a following workshop to print)

in part one we'll teach you how to develop your film and set it to dry.

in part two we'll make contact sheets from your negative(s) & make a final print; all of which you can take home.


cyanotype printing 101

our cyanotype printing workshop will teach you the basics of cyanotype. 

we'll cover laying the liquid emulsion to paper, gathering items to silhouette on to the paper, exposing the paper & developing the image.

this workshop is 2 hours long. this workshop will be in motion till late august (when our teacher plans to leave nyc).


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