we are an independent film lab inspired by a love for the analog film process & the importance of media.

based in occupied lenapehoking, aka brooklyn, ny.

we specialize in

film developing (yes, disposable too)
photo editing
analog equipment rental
passport photos (call first)
product + event + editorial photography
analog education

+ we sell 35mm & 120 films, cameras, batteries, & darkroom paper.

This website features work from the following photographers: dom

sanam javadi
chris cook
reece williams

ryan riley
jabari asante
alhaji sheriff

mayori hipps
jacques morel
manti bean

our policy

please review and download all your files as soon as possible. if you notice something is off, contact us. 

if your scans come out blank send us a text and we'll credit your next order with the same scan value (& print value if applicable).

we keep scan links active for two weeks. scans are backed up indefinitely on our servers free of charge. contact us to reactivate any links. 

pick up any items you've left with us within one month (negatives, prints & anything else). if you can not pick up your items in time ask us to mail them, or have a friend pick them up. items left over one month are subject to disposal.

if you get your film cut & sleeved we'll send you a reminder before disposing.

thank you for supporting!

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