equipment rental

we have a small selection of novelty items for rent.
we're slowly expanding the cameras and items we'll have available.

send us an email or give us a call to request an item.

mamiya rz67 pro ii

a quality 6x7 medium format camera. 
very popular as a studio camera back in the day.
created in japan.

includes one film back and the 110mm f/2.8 lens.

$60 per day/weekend

f/4.5 37mm fisheye lens.
$40 per day/weekend

f/4.5 50mm ULD lens. one of, if not, the sharpest RZ lens. (24mm focal length equivalent)

$100 per day/weekend

f/4.5 180mm telephoto portrait lens.
$30 per day/weekend

an additional 6x7 film back.
$30 per day/weekend

f/2.8 110mm lens. this lens comes with the camera

sekonic flash & ambient light meter
$20 per day/weekend

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